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About Amy

Founder, GATLUW (Go After The Life U Want), Bestselling Author, ‘Vlog Like a Boss,’ ‘Good Morning, Good Life,’ Award Winning Vlogger, ‘Amy TV’

Amy Landino is the bestselling author of Good Morning Good Life and award-winning host of the massively popular YouTube series AmyTV. As founder of GATLUW (pronounced “GAT-loo”) House, and with her new book, 365 Days of Good Morning Good Life (arriving January 2023), she continues to shine bright in the world of business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Amy inspires ambitious women around the world to chase their full-time freedom and go after the life they want.

It all started when Amy dropped out of college during the 2008 financial crisis. Now, not many folks would have taken that path, but Amy knew that what was ahead of her could not only change her life, but help change others as well. When her creative juices began to flow, YouTube and speaking to so many others with a connection that was needed, she found her passion. That passion brought skills, knowledge and inspiration to everyone around her.

For over a decade, Amy has been a leading authority on getting digital attention and has been trusted by global brands including Adobe, Oracle, Audible, Twitter, Skillshare, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Intuit Quickbooks, Wonderful Pistachios, Lenovo, HP, Acer, and many more.

In her second book, Good Morning Good Life, Amy shares the importance of starting every day on your terms. Discover how to master your mornings with the 3 Ms: Movement, Mindfulness and Mastery, so that you can upgrade your life. And no, you don’t have to be a morning person to do it! In her newest book, 365 Days of Good Morning Good Life, Amy offers the advice you need to get in the right mindset necessary for taking on the day’s challenges.

An internationally renowned motivational speaker, Amy travels worldwide to teach businesses how to leverage digital tools to promote a positive image that uplifts and motivates their communities. Her work has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and has been featured by prestigious publications such as Business Insider, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

Reach out to Amy directly on Instagram & Twitter, @Schmittastic, or find more information at amylandino.com.

Amy in Action

Amy is one of the most accomplished, professional and kind speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Because of her devotion to quality and a true passion for helping others, she has consistently delivered stellar presentations for Social Media Examiner, packed full of valuable knowledge and insight that is easy to follow and practical to implement.

Social Media Marketing World

“Amy is a poised and vibrant speaker who creates a consistently educational and inspiring experience for the audience. Her hard work and diligence show through in everything she does, and her enthusiasm to help others radiates. She packs her talks with the knowledge audiences can immediately use to achieve results, and the motivation to get right on doing it.”
Speech Topics

Productivity Is Dead.

How have you and your team handled the shift in and out of working from home? The simple concept of being productive has changed, and Amy is here to guide you and your team on maximizing your time. Amy shares how you can optimize your day-to-day, keep yourself motivated with less stress, no burnout, and a greater sense of well-being. Learn how to create the right habits that will allow you to achieve that hourly, daily, or weekly goal. It isn’t productivity that doesn’t work, it is the addiction to finding new ways to do things that doesn’t work. Amy will share how you can advance your team’s success and achieve more by being productive in the right ways.

Leading with Intention: Breaking the Corporate Mold

Today, you have to earn your team. Show them that you’re there to help create success together, not while you watch from the sidelines. In this session, Amy explains how creating an internal support system for your team, and making your team feel more purposeful can help grow not only your business but also your individual employees. This type of culture makes growth possible and change acceptable. If you’re passionate about improving your organization’s culture, then bringing an entrepreneurial mindset and incentivizing innovation are the first steps in that direction, and Amy is here to guide you through that change.

Future Proofing Your Brand

Do you know what it takes to build a brand? Better yet, do you know how to keep your brand relevant? Think it’s that easy? Amy Landino will break it down for you so that you can take your brand and your customers to the next level. In this speech, Amy shows how to create your brand, drive engagement, and be accessible to your customers, all while protecting your brand so it can stand the test of time. Making sure that your brand is durable while the world of business and technology constantly evolves takes a cadence and a structure that Amy explains to the audience. Amy will explore brand building, marketing and digital content in a way that will open the doors and inspire you to take the next step for your brand.