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About Baldwin

Vice President, Clients Sales Lead, WarnerMedia, Member Board of Trustees, The James Beard Foundation, Former VP Strategy, Brit + Co, Former Co-Founder & CEO, Partnered

Baldwin Cunningham is the VP, Client Sales Lead at WarnerMedia, where he's responsible for building efficiency across digital properties and developing additive revenue models.

Cunningham was previously VP of Strategy at Brit + Co and before that, Founder & CEO of Partnered. Partnered is a digital network that helped traditional businesses innovate how they market & sell to customers by partnering with the world's most innovative startups. He helped over 200 leading brands from Coca-Cola to L'Oreal to Nestle meet the companies who are disrupting industries and transforming how business gets done, resulting in a Forbes 30 under 30 award in 2015.

Cunningham is a graduate of Springfield College and Y Combinator, a tech incubator located in Silicon Valley.

Baldwin in Action

We were very happy, and Baldwin, in particular, exceeded expectations. His session was very well received.

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What Baldwin Talks About

Marketing Now

We used to make one piece of content and broadcast it to everyone we knew. Now we have mass fragmentation, plus data insights to help align our message to consumers. Alignment has never been more important, but there’s a careful balance with how much we mirror content to consumers, as opposed to creating inbound funnels for consumers to seek us out.


The Bridge Between Large Corporations and Startups: Through experience growing a successful startup and working to grow a new business unit within a large corporation, Baldwin shares the values he’s learned. For corporate groups looking to innovate, what are the benefits of collaborating with startups and how can you maximize a relationship? For startups, what are the realities of launching a startup and how can you learn from experiences in the corporate world to maximize success and take advantage of momentum.

The Art of Connecting vs. Relationships as Transactions

When Baldwin launched Partnered, the success was predicated on the top tier investors and Fortune 500 clients that helped spur growth. Learn how he was not only able to establish short term value, but create lasting friendships and why these relationships became key assets pushing some of his largest corporate deals years later.

Breaking Through Corporate Walls

Understanding the world is systemized and most people are reluctant to accept new ideas, how do you innovate and grow within a large corporation? Building confidence and gaining experience every day! Learn tactical lessons from Baldwin’s history of success.”