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This week marks the five-year anniversary of VaynerSpeakers. It has been a true adventure and reflecting on our journey, the peaks and valleys, the standing ovations, and the silent moments of awe, I wanted to share some of the more valuable lessons that have shaped our narrative.


– No Two Events Are the Same, Don’t Treat Them All the Same: 

The idea behind every decision we make, keeps us energized to over deliver for our clients and our customers. There are more events, and more speakers, than ever before. Understanding the uniqueness behind each, and how to find synergies is what makes us different. We are aiming to scale the unscalable and will not waver in our passion for maintaining a bespoke approach to everything we do.


– Authentic Storytelling Transcends Boundaries:

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with speakers from diverse backgrounds, each carrying a unique story. And while their tales varied, their impact consistently resonated. It’s a testament to the power of authentic storytelling – it knows no boundaries, no biases, only human connection. It also shows respect for the audience, that they can see through charlatans, and prefer honesty and experience.


– Growth Requires Embracing Uncertainty:

From the early days of VaynerSpeakers where we were regularly understaffed, to navigating the norms of a virtual world during the pandemic, to experiencing the joys of growth pains, we embrace the uncertainty that each day brings. This mindset has allowed us to pivot, innovate, and continually serve our community in ways we hadn’t imagined. Our ability to remain nimble and make quick decisions has proven to be a competitive advantage.


– Community is Everything:

Our speakers, our customers, our team, and all of you – you’re not just part of our network; you’re our community, our family. Your support, feedback, and the shared excitement for every meaningful moment have been truly motivating.


– Continual Learning Fuels Impact:

One thing I try to tell myself every day, is that just because it’s been done a particular way before, does not mean it has to be done that way moving forward. Our team is made up mostly of individuals without experience in the speaking industry. We’ve learned to keep our minds open to learning, and receptive to change. This has ensured that our strategies stay ahead of the curve, and allow us to experiment with new ideas regularly.


Lastly, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has believed in VaynerSpeakers these last five years, shared a stage or a story, or simply cheered us on from the sidelines. Here’s to more shared success together, to more voices that inspire, and to another five years (and beyond) of VaynerSpeakers!