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About Claude

Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

Claude Silver is VaynerMedia’s inaugural Chief Heart Officer, Head of the People & Experience department; a first of its kind. She understands that the key to unlocking greatness in people requires letting go of traditional HR methods and leaning into human-to-human connection.

As a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies with a BA in Transpersonal Psychology & Human Development, and additional certifications in various psychology and spiritual teachings from other institutes in Northern California, Claude is equipped with a unique perspective on corporate leadership and team building techniques. She often shares her expertise in empathetic servant leadership to various media platforms and in front of live audiences nationwide, including, the Fast Company Innovation Festival and the Culture Summit.
At VaynerMedia, Claude champions empathy-driven leadership, while overseeing talent management, employee retention, learning and development, workplace culture, internal communications, and people operations for over 750 employees. Before becoming CHO at VaynerMedia, she held leadership positions at both JWT San Francisco and London, Publicis London, and SAYMedia, and in 2002-2005 she founded and ran a surfing and outdoor adventure company for women in the San Francisco Bay area, Her success guiding client relationships, global brand strategies, operations, and management is driven by an abiding passion for creating spaces in which people can thrive.
At the height of her career, Claude nearly left the corporate world because she discovered that mentoring and coaching brought her more joy. Self-awareness was pivotal in her journey and ultimately led her to live out her life purpose which is to be of joyful service and ​share emotional optimism​ with the world. In addition to facilitating growth and change in people, teams, and companies, Claude is dedicated to helping individuals find meaning in what they’re doing and guiding them in identifying and removing roadblocks.
She believes the foundation of every organization should include mentorship and wellness. “Mentorship, to me, is built on the pillars of the heart, and those are humanity, connection, trust, and empathy,” states Claude. Her daily mission is to listen and ensure she is nurturing a workplace culture that embraces inclusivity, the uniqueness of individuals and thrives with constant collaboration.
Claude considers herself a natural coach, team player, and cheerleader. She believes in people and sees the good in everyday by leading with humanity. Widely known for her ability to build teams rooted in the generosity of spirit and a belief in possibility, Claude cultivates the heart of the VaynerMedia’s success: its people. You can follow Claude on Twitter and Instagram at @claudesilver
Claude in Action

“The event went really well! Claude’s workshop got her a lot of fans early on, and then the closing keynote was just the right kind of ending we wanted for the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival. It was really good messaging that worked well for the purposes of our event.”

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival

Claude was truly a genuine, approachable, and engaging presenter at our conference. She gave a crucial, intelligent, and inspiring talk on why focusing on culture works from a human-to-human perspective and as well from a practical perspective on HOW to concretely develop a happy, productive, and creative work environment for business success. Her caring demeanor radiated through clearly and effortlessly on stage, which in turn made people in the room feel safe to connect with her and with themselves in a deeper way. This effect was palpable…and beautiful. She can definitely command a room with such tenderness, a combination of attributes that is hard to find in a presenter. What an honor it has been to have Claude be part of our event!
Core Connect Conference

Claude, words can’t express how amazing I think you are. People loved your lecture and you exude such love and kindness. We all left wondering how Vayner got so lucky. You are truly the best. The first summit seemed to be a hit. In the 48 hours following the meeting, we already have almost 2/3 of the total of this year pre-registered. It’s certainly an exciting ride and YOU played a huge role. Everybody begged me to ask you come back and speak to the team members (almost entirely ladies) next September 2019. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just,…thank you.
Glenn Krieger, Orthopreneurs Summit
What Claude Talks About

Claude’s Personal Story

Overcoming Adversity & Addiction – The trials & tribulations of youth, overcoming codependent abusive relationships, academic challenges surrounding dyslexia, overcoming shame and using vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness.

Women’s Empowerment

Advocating for Women Finding their Voices – Leadership in the workplace, finding your second career and bringing happiness into the workplace.

Chief Heart Officer

People & Experience – Growing people as employees through company culture, and managing millennials in the workplace.