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What’s the right thing to do?


The highly anticipated third installment of Ryan Holiday’s Cardinal Stoic Virtues Series is almost here. In his latest book, Right Thing, Right Now, Ryan focuses on justice; the most important stoic virtue. It’s what our courage, discipline, and wisdom have to be directed toward. The idea of doing the right thing, even when it isn’t easy. Justice isn’t just what we do for other people. It’s not just the good we do in the world but it’s also realizing our own potential. Trying to become the best of what we are capable of being and that’s how we make that contribution to the world.

The Stoics never claimed that living justly was easy, only that it was necessary. And that the alternative—sacrificing our principles for something lesser—was considered only by cowards and fools. Right Thing, Right Now is a powerful antidote to the moral failures of our modern age, and a manual for living virtuously.

Ryan is not your typical keynote speaker. An expert in Stoic philosophy who is most often asked to speak on his hit bestseller Obstacle is the Way, Ryan customizes his remarks for every group, helping people understand their mindset towards problem-solving, and how to maximize all they do.

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