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Reimagine Your Business in an AI-First World


“The feedback from the audience was through the roof, with a lot of people saying Brian was our best speaker ever. He’s truly a once-in-a-generation mind.”


Gain knowledge from one of the foremost experts in the field of artificial intelligence: Brian Solis. Speaking on the subject of AI and VR for the last decade, Brian not only has insights on why AI is more than just a trend, but a fundamental shift that requires leaders to adapt and thrive in the new digital landscape, but the business applications we will all be forced to reckon with.

AI has forever changed the trajectory of how we work, putting ‘business as usual’ in the rearview mirror. Leaders now face an entirely new set of prospects and challenges that will test their creativity, resilience, and vision. Brian explores why automation is no longer the goal, but instead the norm, why augmentation will be the key to differentiation, and how leaders can forge the mind shift required to unlock a new future as an AI-first exponential growth business.

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Brian Gives us a Lesson on How to Build Smart Companies