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Booking a speaker for an industry event can be quite the challenge. It brings to the table two main paths: choosing an endemic speaker with deep roots in your industry or a non-endemic speaker who comes from a different field. Both choices offer unique advantages and challenges, and understanding these can lead to a more enriching event.

Endemic Speakers: Insiders of Your Industry


In-Depth Knowledge: Endemic speakers are well-versed in your industry’s language, trends, and challenges. They often have years, if not decades, of experience, making their insights precise and relevant.

Credibility: An endemic speaker’s track record within the industry adds credibility and authority, enhancing the impact of their message.

Targeted Content: Their specialized focus ensures that the content is tailored to your audience’s needs, providing actionable insights.


Potential Bias: Being deeply entrenched in the industry might lead to a narrow perspective that lacks fresh ideas or innovative thinking.

Familiarity: If the speaker is well-known within the industry, their thoughts and opinions may not be new to the audience, reducing the excitement factor.

Counter Productive: By bringing in an industry speaker from outside your own organization can limit perception of your own company’s expertise.

Non-Endemic Speakers: Fresh Perspectives from the Outside


New Insights: A non-endemic speaker can offer a fresh perspective and novel ideas that might not be apparent to those inside the industry. Their outsider’s view can lead to breakthrough thinking. They may not speak your language, but they can still have a great impact.

Broader Appeal: The insights from a non-endemic speaker might resonate with a more diverse audience, making it appealing for mixed industry events.

Inspiration and Motivation: Stories and ideas from another field can inspire and energize the audience in ways that familiar narratives may not.

Entertainment: Breaking up the day with a speaker from outside your industry can reduce the monotony of your content and can energize a crowd.


Lack of Specific Knowledge: Non-endemic speakers might lack the detailed understanding of your industry, making some of their insights less applicable or requiring more effort to translate into actionable strategies.

Potential Disconnect: If not carefully selected or briefed, a non-endemic speaker might miss the mark in connecting with the audience, leading to a lack of engagement.

Audience Alignment: It can be a tough needle to thread, to find a speaker outside your industry that has broad appeal to a wide audience.

Striking the Balance

The decision between an endemic and non-endemic speaker doesn’t have to be a binary one. Here are some strategies to get the best of both worlds:

Multiple Keynote Approach: Consider having both types of speakers, allowing for a rich blend of insider expertise and general interest.

Careful Briefing: Regardless of the direction you opt for, ensure your speakers are well-briefed about the industry and the audience’s expectations. Collaboration with an industry expert can also bridge the knowledge gap.

Audience Analysis: Understand your audience’s needs and expectations. If the event aims to challenge and provoke new thinking, a non-endemic speaker might be more suitable. If it’s about reinforcing industry practices, an endemic speaker could be the better choice.


Choosing the right speaker requires a thoughtful understanding of your event’s objectives, the audience’s needs, and the message you want to convey. Both endemic and non-endemic speakers offer valuable pathways to success, but they come with their distinct flavors. Balancing these aspects can lead to a memorable and impactful event that resonates with everyone in attendance. Whether you decide to stay within the confines of your industry or explore new horizons, the power of perspective is an asset to be harnessed creatively. Be open to new ideas and you might be surprised by the results!