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About Tom

Founder, Quest Nutrition (Acq. for $1B); Co-Founder/CEO, Impact Theory

Tom Bilyeu is a unicorn entrepreneur who co-founded and built Quest Nutrition from nothing to a billion-dollar business in just 5 years – all without outside funding. He is a filmmaker and serial entrepreneur who chased money HARD for nearly a decade and came up emotionally bankrupt. He realized that the struggle is guaranteed, but the money is not, so you’d damn well better love the struggle.

To that end, he and his partners sold their technology company and founded Quest Nutrition – a company predicated not on money, but rather on creating value for people. The company’s mission was to end metabolic disease –one of two pandemics facing the planet. Despite not being focused on money Quest exploded, becoming a billion-dollar business in roughly 5 years, making it the 2nd fastest-growing company in North America according to Inc. Magazine.

After exiting Quest and generating extraordinary personal wealth, Bilyeu turned his attention to the other pandemic facing society – the poverty of a poor mindset. To solve the mindset problem at scale and help hundreds of millions of people adopt an empowering mindset he has co-founded the media studio, Impact Theory with his business partner and wife, Lisa Bilyeu. Their aim is to influence the cultural subconscious by building a single-minded content creation machine that makes exactly one type of content – content that empowers people. If Disney created the most magical place on earth, Impact Theory will be creating the most empowering place on earth.

Tom in Action

Tom’s presentation was off the hook!! Everyone loved it and I feel he really touched everyone in the room. Tom connected with us as if he had known the group for years. Very personal speech, his ability to customize his presentation to the group on the fly was amazing. Our CEO was impressed in every way.

MMR Group

“Thank you for speaking at our recent fall reunion in Chicago. Your keynote was exactly the message we hoped for. You were engaging and feedback has been fantastic! Thank you!”
True Value

“Just a quick note to say THANK YOU again for speaking at our Elite Retreat yesterday! Our Elite clients were so engaged and loved your inspiring talk! Standing O to prove it! It was so great that you stayed and took so many questions – that was great!”
Tom Ferry’s Elite Retreat
Speech Topics

Building a Billion Dollar Brand: Inside the Hypergrowth of Quest Nutrition

How did Tom and his team achieve an unheard-of growth rate of 57,000% in 3 years, taking Quest Nutrition to a $1 billion valuation in less than 5 years? Hypergrowth. From day one, the company identified their purpose and focused 100% of all efforts on that goal, to deliver as much value to the customer as possible. Tom describes how thinking of your customers as investors can help your business thrive and shares insight into the journey of building the Quest Nutrition empire. He’ll help you discover your brand’s purpose, and turn on hypergrowth for your business too.

Creating an Unstoppable Team: High-Performance Leadership

A visionary entrepreneur who propelled Quest Nutrition to a billion-dollar valuation, takes you behind the scenes of building not just a brand, but a team of high-performance leaders. This speech delves into the strategies for identifying, nurturing, and empowering leadership within your organization. Drawing on his journey from a start-up to a global powerhouse, Tom shares the principles of visionary leadership, the importance of aligning team goals with organizational objectives, and how to create an environment where leaders thrive and drive growth.

Secrets to Building Self-Motivated Sales Forces

Owners rarely need motivation, but success requires a team of self motivated employees all working towards the same goal. Tom understands the critical role of a motivated sales team and in this talk, Tom reveals the psychology behind self-motivation and how to instill this invaluable trait in your sales force. Learn how to craft compelling narratives that resonate with your sales team, the art of goal setting that pushes boundaries, and how to foster an environment where every salesperson becomes like an integral part of the company’s success story.

Igniting a Creative Revolution from Within

Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory aren’t just successful companies, but innovative brands that value technology and creativity. In this enlightening session, Tom shares his insights on developing a corporate culture that leans on creativity and innovation. Discover how Tom continues to foster an environment where new ideas are celebrated, and failures are viewed as stepping stones to greatness. Through personal anecdotes and proven strategies, Tom will guide you on how to dismantle barriers to innovation and create a workspace where creativity flourishes, leading to breakthroughs and disruptions in your industry.

Mastering the Self: Peak Personal Development

Tom went from dead broke and out of shape, to building a billion-dollar brand. He completely changed his financial and physical circumstances by going on a decades-long quest to develop his mind as aggressively as a bodybuilder develops their body. Tom believes humans are the ultimate adaptation machine and will share how the mind can be sculpted like a muscle to expand any skill set and improve yourself, but also the world around you. From mastering time management to practicing radical candor, Tom has developed a comprehensive approach to personal excellence. This speech offers a deep dive into the “Physics of Progress” and how individuals can harness resilience, productivity, and effective communication to not only succeed but excel in their personal and professional lives. Tom will share actionable strategies and personal lessons on transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and becoming the architect of your destiny.