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About Jesse

NY Times Bestselling Author, 'Living with a Seal,' Serial Entrepreneur, Marquis Jet, Zico Coconut Water, Co-Owner, Atlanta Hawks

Jesse Itzler has put together one of the most Impressive LIFE RESUMES I’ve ever seen. With no aviation experience he and his partner started Marquis Jet, the largest private jet card company in the world and sold it to Warren Buffet’s NetJets after doing over $5 BILLION in sales. Then, with no beverage experience he and his partners started ZICO Coconut Water and sold it to Coca Cola. And just last year his adventure company 29-0-29 was bought by the fitness giant iFIt.

He was a rapper signed to Delicious Vinyl Records, a kiddie pool attendant, managed Run DMC, lived in a monastery with monks, the author of the NY Times Best Selling Book, “Living With The Seal.” And he is an endurance athlete who has run multiple 100 mile races.

On top of that, he’s married to Sara Blakely the founder of the shapewear empire SPANX which was just recently acquired for 1.2 billion dollars.

Currently, Jesse lives in Atlanta where he is part owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.

Jesse in Action

Thank you for putting on such a great performance – your contagious energy and spirit was exactly what my team needed to regain motivation after a tough year. Your message on differentiation and “what was your brownie” was incredibly poignant for our people as they continue to look for ways to stand apart from their competitors. The point you drove home regarding the importance of keeping after success despite all odds, was exactly what my team needed to hear. I’m certain this will reverberate in their memory as they face a difficult year filled with many challenges. I cannot thank you enough for igniting a much-needed spark in my team and myself.

Caliber Home Loans

He was awesome – standing ovation! Our association was very happy. Thank YOU!

National Association of REALTORS

The BEST. Jesse was memorable and impactful. Jesse did an amazing job to close out the summit. He had the audience extremely engaged. He received a standing ovation when finished and deserved every bit of applause. Most memorable event of the summit in my opinion. As a direct result of his presentation; I immediately implemented some changes that have already made a positive impact on my practice. His talk was very inspiring and motivating.

Wells Fargo
Speech Topics

The Spiritual Billionaire

Being an entrepreneur is a journey you walk, as you look to achieve big things. In this speech, Jesse shares stories from his own path. Brought to life with the help of DJ Dee Wiz, through humor, music, love, loss, and knowledge, Jesse distills lessons he’s learned. By breaking down the hours in a day, and knowing that sometimes a lot of soul, creating your own luck, and the power of the spoken word can allow your own journey to get you exactly what you want, without having to give up what you have.

Ready, Fire, Aim!

Accompanied by DJ Dee Wiz, Jesse combines music and dramatics in this presentation encouraging audiences to aim high by maintaining perspective and taking risks. In this motivational, inspirational, emotional, and energetic new talk, Jesse shares stories from his years as a serial entrepreneur, competitive runner, and professional rapper to illustrate how you can change your mindset to achieve anything.

Build Your Life Resume

We put so much emphasis on our traditional resume. What if we flipped that model upside down and focused on building our LIFE resume instead? Jesse shares the key lessons he has learned throughout his humorous, unconventional business journey and life adventures. From the specific habits he practices to the motivating rules he lives by, Jesse will leave you with actionable steps you can take to design your most rewarding life.

Ignoring the Tap on your Shoulder

One of the biggest regrets we can ever have is not living up to our true potential. The good news is, it’s preventable. Jesse Itzler takes us on a humorous ride that spans business, wellness, and mindset. At the end, you will walk away with actionable steps to help you start over-indexing in the key buckets of your life.

The Bus Ride

Always living his life outside the box, Jesse was a rapper on MTV, co-founded the world’s largest prepaid private jet company, helped pioneer the Coconut Water craze, ran a 100-mile race, and has spent time living with a group of monks and a Navy SEAL. Since few are ready to take on these challenges themselves, learn valuable life lessons from Jesse’s experiences and how you can build your own life resume.