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High-Energy, High-Impact: Scott Stratten & Laura Gassner Otting


Known for their powerful business messages and storytelling abilities, Laura Gassner Otting and Scott Stratten are energetic and spirited personalities on stage.

Laura Gassner Otting, Bestselling Author of “Limitless” and “Wonderhell,” captivates audiences with her powerful message of purpose, potential, and impact. Her infectious charisma and empowering presence leaves audiences inspired to take action and pursue their dreams without any limits.

Scott Stratten, Bestselling Author of “UnMarketing” and “UnLeadership,” brings a unique blend of humor and charm to the stage, challenging audiences to think differently about marketing, branding, and customer engagement, by getting audiences to think of themselves as consumers and employees, to improve how they lead.

Don’t settle for the ordinary. By integrating the wisdom of Laura Gassner Otting and Scott Stratten into your leadership and business meetings, you’ll set a new stage for unparalleled success.

See for yourself below!