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About Scott

Disruptive and UN-Traditional Marketing, Branding and Relationship Expert

Scott Stratten is the President of UnMarketing. He has Co-Authored 6 best-selling business books with his business partner and wife Alison and was formerly a music industry marketer, National Sales Training Manager, and a College Professor. He ran one of the most successful viral video agencies in the world for nearly a decade before solely focusing on speaking at events for companies like Walmart, Pepsi, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Cirque du Soleil and Saks Fifth Avenue when they need help navigating their way through the landscape of business disruption.

Scott in Action

“An absolute must-get as a speaker!!! Simply brilliant! Laughed so hard I was in tears & I learned a ton. I truly believe I’m a better practitioner than I was when I woke up this morning. Scott Stratten, you’re the best!!”


An eye-opener of why, and how, we need to start shifting our marketing weight from the broadcast leg to the dialogue leg. And it doesn’t hurt one bit that he made it the funniest and most entertaining presentation we all sat through all year.

“Scott Stratten gave one of the most insightful, entertaining, and powerful presentations I’ve ever heard. His insights into improving the customer experience and company branding by harnessing talent at all levels of an organization, along with his ideas for bridging the generation gap, left our members inspired and ready to create lasting change at their organizations. We’ve since heard rave reviews from attendees, many of whom said Scott was by far among the best speakers they’ve ever heard. And it’s worth noting that Scott is hysterically funny.”
National Association of Music Merchants

Here’s what makes Scott Stratten different and awesome: he’s a conference keynote speaker, yet he’ll arrive a day early and mingle with attendees in the exhibit hall. Just because. He’ll decide to engage in a live Google Hangout that marries a live audience with an Internet audience – because he knows the value it has to attendees. He’ll show up and deliver an amazing talk that has our attendees literally laughing so hard they hurt; yet learning so much they can’t wait to act on it all. And after all of that, he’ll still rush out to the lobby to shake hands, take pictures and actually practice what he’s preaching. Engagement isn’t just something Scott writes or talks about: it’s something the man actually lives. Period. His ability to walk the talk
not just talk
Speech Topics

UnMarketing: Everything Has Changed and Nothing is Different

The tried and true ways of marketing have turned into tired and old, not to mention ineffective. At the same time, what makes businesses good or bad, successful or not, hasn’t really changed. The ability to build relationships and be heard by your market has never been greater, but it is overwhelming to determine what tools to use. This entertaining and thought-provoking talk covers both online and offline methods of staying in front of your target audience so that when they have the need to buy, they choose you. Scott will show your audience proven ways to connect more than ever before.

UnLeadership: Leading for Tomorrow, Today

In the age of disruption, leaders face more challenges than ever. In this session, Scott will cover the key aspects of not only managing this new landscape but thriving beyond it. Your audience will learn to acknowledge not only what we’ve been through, but where we can go in the future; how to create a stronger team bond; the most important leadership trait going forward; how dealing with problem customers can strengthen your company, and create an environment where a multi-generational workforce can thrive.

UnSelling: The New Customer Experience

Based on the “800-CEO READ: Sales Book Of The Year” this keynote is about the big picture: creating repeat customers, not one-time buyers. Your audience will learn how to create loyal clients that refer others and how to become the go-to company for something before they even need you. In this highly energetic and engaging talk, audiences will learn a new way of thinking about business that will completely change the way you sell, for the better. It’s time to separate from the pack of noise. It’s time to UnSell.

UnBranding: Loyalty in the Age of Disruption

We’re in the age of disruption. Today’s business climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Every week, it seems there is a new strategy, social media site, or technology that is a “must-use” or a “game-changer”. What we lose in this endless quest for the next bright shiny business object is that at the core of business while everything has changed, nothing is different. Trust, connection, consistency, and service will always trump any new app to hit the market. In this keynote, Scott will walk the audience through what is real and what are only smoke screens in the business world today.