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I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Not for any particular reason, but January 1 can be a somewhat arbitrary start to something new. However, this year, I’m looking to our clients for insights and inspiration for 2024:

Embracing My Wonderhell (Laura Gassner Otting)

In our fifth year of business, VaynerSpeakers continues to grow at a significant pace, something I’m quite proud of. The team continues to grow, not just in size, but in capability. However as Laura asks, “Why doesn’t success feel better?” As we grow, we have more to contend with and more to worry about. In 2024, I’m embracing the journey and the difficulties I’m lucky enough to have.

Laura’s notion of embracing “Wonderhell” is a reminder that the path to success is rarely smooth, and the challenges we face are an integral part of the journey. So, I’m committing to embracing the ups and downs that come our way and finding wonder even in the midst of challenges.

Setting Significant Goals (Jesse Itzler)

No, I’m not planning to go on any 100 mile runs this year, but I am trying to set goals that are not going to be easily reached. Jesse talks about the goals he set for himself at Marquis Jets and similarly, I’ve decided that rather than modest success, I’m willing to risk failure for significant success, and I believe in our strategies, tactics, and our team to accomplish bigger things than we’ve ever done before.

Jesse’s philosophy encourages us to aim high and not be afraid to push our limits. In 2024, we’re setting ambitious goals that will stretch us but also motivate us to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Saying No More (Ryan Holiday)

Ryan has reminded me that every time we say yes, it means another no we have to say to something else. There is only so much time we have in the day. While I try to be generous with my team, clients and customers, it’s essential to prioritize what truly matters.

I’m taking a cue from Ryan and learning to say “no” more judiciously. By focusing on what aligns most closely with our goals and values, we can channel our energy and resources more effectively. I can’t be generous with my time if I have none left!

Empower the Front Line (Scott Stratten & Will Guidara)

Something two clients have spoken about quite a bit, with slightly different sentiments, is the value of empowering those interacting directly with our customers. As Scott says, “If you want to improve the bottom line, empower the front line.” By empowering my team to make more decisions, suggest more changes, and add more to their plate, I aim to broaden their skills, improve our way of doing business, and let’s be honest, take responsibilities off my plate.

The way Will describes these situations is that “The people at the top have all the authority, and none of the information. The people at the front line have all of the information, and none of the authority.” In 2024, I hope to remove that gap of information and authority and expect my team to thrive with newfound experiences.

I’m grateful for the wisdom and inspiration I’ve gained from our clients. These New Year’s resolutions, inspired by Laura Gassner Otting, Jesse Itzler, Ryan Holiday, Scott Stratten, and Will Guidara, remind me to embrace the journey, set ambitious goals, prioritize what truly matters, and grow my team individually and as an organization. I’m excited to see how these resolutions will shape the year ahead for VaynerSpeakers and our incredible team. I also hope that by writing this article, anyone who reads this holds me accountable!

Here’s to a year of growth, resilience, and meaningful achievements!