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About Avery

CMO of VaynerX, Former President, Vayner3, Former Head of VaynerMedia APAC, Managing Director

A pioneer in digital marketing and innovation, Avery Akkineni spearheads brand strategy, content, events, and communications as Chief Marketing Officer at VaynerX.

In six years at VaynerX, Avery has catalyzed exponential growth by launching new companies and leading international expansion. She built VaynerMedia APAC from the ground up to over 150 employees in two years, opened key Asia Pacific markets like Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, and Tokyo. During her tenure, VaynerMedia APAC was awarded Marketing Interactive’s Agency of the Year.

In 2021, Avery founded Vayner3, an innovation consultancy focused on emerging technologies like AI and Web3. Under her leadership, Vayner3 achieved significant industry acclaim, and she was named an Ad Age Web3 Trailblazer, and an AI Thought Leader by Business Insider. Her proven ability to identify and leverage leading-edge channels to drive growth for Vayner and her brand partners has landed Avery recognition on advisory boards of top platforms including Salesforce’s AI Council, Meta’s Creative Council, and Tracer.

Based in Miami, FL overseeing VaynerX’s regional presence, Avery continues to push boundaries in marketing. She is a sought-after speaker on modern marketing and digital innovation, who empowers teams and companies to embrace new opportunities.

Avery in Action

“We loved having Avery and looking forward to that transaction going through. It has been a pleasure working with you.”


“Avery was excellent and the content was right down the middle, offering a solid intro for NFT novices and good takeaways for people in the space. And she couldn’t be more gracious. She has her own style and it’s solid. And being from Nashville, Avery was also a great fit for our mission. Thank you!”
DIG South

“The session was fantastic. We truly appreciate Avery joining us and helping make the session a success. We hope to work with the team at a future IAB event.”
Speech Topics

The Modern Marketing Revolution: Unleashing the Power of AI and Social Media

Transforming the way businesses connect with their audiences, the landscape of marketing has undergone a profound metamorphosis. Gone are the days of traditional advertising methods dominating the market. Today, businesses must adapt to the changing consumer behaviors and preferences that are heavily influenced by the digital realm. In this presentation, Avery shares how platforms, culture, and context create the new marketing mix, and how AI and social media tools allow any brand, large or small, can create their own dynamic marketplace.

Making Noise in a Noisy World

Detailing the unique approach created and continuously perfected by Gary Vaynerchuk and VaynerMedia, Avery brings audiences on a journey to understand how to maximize brand and product awareness in a world where each day more content is created than any one human could possibly consume. This comprehensive approach focuses on harnessing the potential of underpriced attention channels to drive remarkable growth for brands and sales including the secrets to identifying and capitalizing on untapped resources for brand exposure and revenue generation. Not just another marketing presentation; it’s a glimpse into the world of attention trading where innovation meets strategy, and where the savvy can uncover hidden gems in the marketing realm.