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About John

Entrepreneur, Co-CEO, Loop, Investor, Co-Founder and Former Partner, Harlem Capital, Former Host, VICE TV's 'Hustle,' Forbes 30 Under 30

John Henry is a Dominican-American entrepreneur and investor. Henry has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc 30 Under 30, Adweek Creative 100, The Root 100, and Ebony Power 100 lists.

Born and raised in New York City, John’s path was a little different. He dropped out of college at 18, where he picked up a job as a doorman. He went on to start and sell his first business by 21. Henry later cofounded the Venture Capital firm Harlem Capital, raising $40M and making 20 investments in Women and Minority entrepreneurs before stepping down in 2020.

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Henry is also passionate about Media. Henry hosted the TV show ‘Hustle’ on VICELAND, Executive Produced by Alicia Keys and Marcus Samuelsson; and produced and hosted branded podcasts for brands like The Washington Post, Gimlet Media, WeWork, eBay, and Samsung.

Today Henry is the Cofounder and Co-CEO of Loop, an insurance technology company that leverages AI and data to create more fairly priced auto insurance products for all.

John in Action

Our students, supervisors, and colleagues are still raving about John. I have heard nothing but great things about him, and he was so kind to meet with almost all my students. Definitely made the impact we were looking for. Thank you for recommending him.

Rutgers University

John was incredible! My expectations were already high going into this today and somehow he exceeded them! The clients and attendees gave me an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Everyone hung on each word he said. Also, he’s just a cool dude and great to work with. Thanks for making it happen!


Fiery, genuine, and incredibly energetic.

What John Talks About

Diversity in Venture Capital

The Business Case For Investing in Women and Minorities

The Personal Brand Effect

How I built my Personal Brand from an Instagram audience to a TV show on VICELAND Executive Produced by Alicia Keys
Startup 101
John shares his perspective on common Startup issues from both the lens of a Founder, and Partner of a Venture Capital firm.

From Doorman to Landlord

Just 8 years ago, John Henry was working as a doorman. Since then, he’s sold a company, founded a Venture Capital firm, won Forbes 30 under 30, and hosting a show on VICELAND. This is the story of how he did it.