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The past few years have been a rollercoaster in the events industry, reshaping our approach to creating memorable and impactful experiences. A mere three years ago, many thought our businesses’ best days were behind us, and many businesses began to pivot to absorb other areas outside the live events space. As we look forward, I’m excited about what is next and more excited because I know at VaynerSpeakers, with just five years under our belt, we’re just getting started!

Customize and Care

The future of events is bright and brimming with potential. We’re seeing a shift towards more immersive, interactive, and personalized experiences. As competition for attention grows, speakers need to do more to engage, inspire, and educate. Bespoke approaches win out time and time again. Technology, a steadfast ally in this journey, is offering new ways to engage audiences, whether through virtual reality that transports attendees to different worlds or through apps that tailor the event experience to individual preferences. Speakers who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and truly embrace the event audience will continue to win.

Hybrid Events: Here to Stay

Hybrid events have proven to be more than a pandemic-era necessity. They’re a new norm, offering flexibility and greater reach. In 2024, we anticipate further refinement in hybrid event strategies, ensuring that virtual attendees receive as enriching an experience as those in-person. I often relate virtual events to animated television shows, compared to their studio audience counterparts. The laws of physics no longer apply and opportunities are endless. When people began converting events virtually, they tried to do too much and things got overly complicated. The pendulum swung back and then you saw overly simplistic events. Now we’re landing in the middle where you can have a simple event, but include complex additions to improve user experience. Next year, get ready for the best virtual events you’ve been a part of!

Personalization at Its Peak

I’m eager to see what happens next with the power of personalization as AI becomes more prevalent and mass adoption continues to grow. Data analytics and AI are enabling us to offer highly customized experiences, making it possible to create a unique experience for every person so they feel valued and engaged rather than among the masses. We’re seeing base-level use cases for AI, but at this rate of change, it’s inevitable that we’ll see significant advancement in the next year. In a world where everyone hopes to achieve a one-size-fits-one experience, AI will provide us the tools to do just that. The question is, are we ready to systemize and adapt accordingly?


Looking forward to 2024, it’s clear that our industry is on the brink of a transformative period. As event planners and professionals, we have the opportunity to lead this change, crafting experiences that are not only grand in scale but also rich in impact. The future is here, and it’s filled with possibilities. At VaynerSpeakers, we believe that no two events are the same, and no two speakers are the same. We are setting our sights on scaling the unscalable! 2024 will be another year for massive growth. Let’s embrace it with open arms and creative minds.

Happy New Year!!!