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A beacon of innovation and growth, Matt Higgins captivates audiences with his insights and strategies that have shaped industries. Higgins draws from a wellspring of experience as a successful entrepreneur, investor, and adviser to high-growth companies, infusing his talks with real-world examples that resonate with start-ups and established businesses alike. His approach to speaking is not just informative but transformative. He challenges attendees to rethink their strategies and embrace change as a constant, with an ability to dissect complex concepts of innovation and growth, combined with his engaging storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on his audience, and equipping them with the tools to navigate the fast-paced business landscape of today. His speeches are a masterclass in harnessing the power of innovation to drive growth, making him an invaluable voice for anyone looking to elevate their business or personal growth journey.

“Matt was absolutely amazing today, and we have had nothing but fantastic feedback from our team!”
– Benefit Advisors Group

“Matt’s presentation was wonderful, and we have already received great feedback from our attendees. He stuck around afterward for cocktails and mingled with our members. Very down to earth! Thank you!”
—CEO Council of Tampa

“I just wanted to let you know that the Expo was wonderful this year and that Matt Higgins did a great job! We have had so many wonderful comments about him. I believe he is the best speaker we have had at the expo and others have said the same. Thanks so much for your help!”

“Your presentation was a huge hit once again! We received amazing feedback fromthe Board of Trustees and the attendees. You always exceed expectations.🙂”
– Florida Chamber of Commerce

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